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        Student Information for SPRING/SUMMER 2022 – IMPORTANT UPDATES


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        The National Indigenous University Senior Leaders’ Association (NIUSLA) released the Final Report, Indigenous Voices on Indigenous Identity on June 7, 2022.

        The full report is available for download.

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        Spring/Summer Term 2022

        Masking Update for Spring/Summer Term 2022

        Effective June 1, 2022, indoor masking is no longer required in any campus location. However, for any members of the FNUniv community who feel more comfortable with the safety and protection of wearing a mask, we continue to encourage and welcome masking while on campus.

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        4 Seasons of Reconciliation - Online Professional Development Course

        Registration is open for the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation, an online professional development course.

        Learn about the history and culture of Indigenous communities in Canada, the history of residential schools, and treaties around the country.


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        Come Step into the Future with an Edge Like No Other

        Do you have a minute?

        Explore what the First Nations University of Canada has to offer!



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        FNUniv is a unique Canadian institution that specializes in Indigenous knowledge, providing post-secondary education for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike within a culturally supportive environment.

        National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE)

        COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Information

        COVID-19: Important Updates for Students, Faculty, Staff and the Public

        Indigenous Continuing Education Centre (ICEC)

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        Featured Alumni

        Brad Bellegarde

        Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
        Class of 2017
        Even though I graduated in 2017, when I walk through those doors it feels like I never left. It truly is a second home to me. My classmates became my friends and I have witnessed many of them become leaders in politics, economic development and education as well as successful entrepreneurs. I can say with confidence that FNUniv is the only Institution I know in Canada that understands the complex familial structures Indigenous people have experienced because the leaders of the University are Indigenous.
        Brad Bellegarde
        June 7, 2022

        FNUniv and National Indigenous University Senior Leaders’ Association (NIUSLA) release Final Report from Inaugural National Indigenous Identity Forum

        June 6, 2022

        The First Nations University of Canada to Play Major Role in the New National Indigenous Economic Strategy for Canada

        June 6, 2022

        The First Nations University of Canada Hosts Spring Celebration Powwow Once Again

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